When you burst into the rather large meeting place and trading outpost that is Trapper's, you'll likely be assailed by a rather odd, vaguely unpleasent smell that comes with heavy smoking and hard drinking. A two story building, what was once mainly makeshift has been fixed up quite a bit. Different scrap and sheet metal lines the walls, and is suprisingly sturdy and well kept together. Be careful when you first come in though, because you never know when a estranged salvager or hunter will decide you're a wonderful person to start a fight with.

Head up to the store's large counter, and you'll probably meet Hunter, who inherited the shop when his father, the founder, fell ill after injury. What exactly happened to him isn't clear, but Hunter is more then competent enough to run the store. He runs a good number of different equipment in and out of his shop, and it's said he has quite the skill with throwing knives. Irritate him enough, and there's little doubt he'll sink a throwing knife in your chest before you can say the words 'price gouging'. Behind the counter you'll see a large ladder bolted to the wall, and over near the entrance another just like it. They both lead up to a rather small loft overhead, and the loft has been sectioned off into four or five decent rooms, all of which with suprisingly passable bedding.

Large shelves hold a good variety of items, and Hunter revamped his dads old system of laying out prices. Different rows have different amounts of animal hides or furs posted next to them, and everything in that row generally costs that much. Living out on the edge of a scarce desert leaves Hunter open to haggling, but depending on whether he takes a liking to you or not, he could end up lowering, or raising, your prices.

As you dig through the different bins, you'll find yourselves coming onto the items that follow.


(2 small hides make one hide, 2 hides make one big hide.)

Room and board You can sleep most minor ailments off after a night, and having a private place to meet is definately handy. Small room for a night: 1 small hide.
Small room for a week: 2 hides.

Weaponry Hunting on the mind? Need to beef up your arsenal for your next caravan run? Looking to raid that next caravan run? Firearms are realtively rare around here, but he has the occasionally deal, along with a good selection of more primitive weapons.

Melee - Tribal club: 1 hide
- Primitive spear: 1 hide
- Baseball Bat: 1 hide
- Rock knuckles: 1 hide
- "Higher" iron (GC tier 1): 1 large hide
- Hacksaw axe (Tier 2): 2 large hides
- Steel-toe boot hammer. (Tier 2): 2 large hides

Firearms - Air pistol (GC Tier 1 BB gun): 1 large hide
- Improved Musket (GC tier 1 ) : 1 large hide Other - Gunpowder Mine: 1 hide each
- Glass Grenades: 1 hide each

New - Bonesaw: 2 hides
- Scalpel: 1 small hide
- Syringe “Gun”: 2 big hides
- “The Neurolizer” ((Teir Two Laser Rifle)): 3 big hides
- Lobotomy Needle: 3 hides

Armor Clothing, armor, and other worn equipment isn't paticularly easy to come by in the wasteland. It's pricey, but any seasoned adventurer will tell you it's well worth it.

Clothing: - Duster Coat: 3 hides
- Tattered Leather Jacket: 3 hides
- Wealthy tribal clothing: 3 hides

Armor: - Wasteland adventure outfit: 2 big hides
- Reinforced leather jacket (good condition): 5 hides

NEW - Bloody Doctor’s Coat: 2 hides
- Lead Vest: 1 big hide
- Medical Scrubs: 1 hide
- Armored Scrubs: 3 hides
- “The Surgeon’s” Coat: 2 big hides

Other From food and drinks for long treks, or just blowing off steam, to tents you can live in, to different work areas that could help you in various pursuits, Hunter can offer it all, for varried prices.

- Bathtub Gin: 1 small hide
- Homemade beer: 1 small hide
- Dirty water: 1 small hide
- Nuka cola: 1 hide
- Legible book: 1 hide
- Low quality cabin tent: 3 big hides
- Basic workbench: 2 big hides
- Basic scientific equipment: 2 big hides
-Radio dials: 1 large hide
-Antennae: 1 large hide
-Signal mirror: 1 large hide

NEW - Basic Medical Supplies Bag: 2 large hides
- Medical Trainee’s Book, Beginner’s Level: 2 large hides

Rarities Worried that your hides might loose value in some faraway settlement? Want something new and odd? Just want to show you've got money to blow? Check out the rarities section, my friend

- Cherry Nuka-cola:6 Big hides
- Musky cologne: 5 Big hides
- Escape from Saturn! Issue #22 :4 Big hides
- Playing doctor : A home guide for treating a wide array of injuries (Book): 3 big hides
- Are you management material? (book): 3 big hides
- Old World Wedding Ring: 5 big hides


Hunter is a little less worried about morals then his old man, and he's more then willing to let you pay money for the chance at valuables. All he'll allow is a quick 2 minute run through his well stocked, although purposely messy and difficult to navigate back room, and he doesn't care much for the unlucky. Pay one large hide for a random chance at just about anything you can think of that would be out in the edge of the wasteland. Based on your luck, you could end up finding a a few muskets, nothing, or a nasty cut from a jutting piece of scrap metal.

((OOC: As game RP progresses, he'll update from time to time. He'll buy from you (Although a mod has to handle the transacton) and get better equipment. Items are finite, and many cycle through. Also note, poor items and good items. Good items are more reliable, and in better condition. poor condition items are the opposite.))