Some people are in it for the money. Others the fame. This group of people wants both and they aren't too concerned with how they achieve those goals. Being led by a mysterious man known only as "The Boss", this group is neither hostile, or friendly. Instead, they are varying shades of gray. Sometimes, they might help you out. Sometimes, they might shoot at you. Most of the time, however, they'll leave you alone. This group does not go looking for unnecessary trouble, they have a specific goal and they work towards it. Often their work is in the shadows, where one man with a single shot can accomplish as much as a platoon of berserkers rushing a fortification.

Hired to do a two fold operation, the first is looking for a rare artifact which may or may not be lost to time. While they have that one ultimate relic to find, they've been known to acquire all sorts of odd pieces that interest them. They have a strange fascination with the objects they find, believing them to have properties not yet understood by most. The second part of their operation is the guarding of several seemingly random buildings within the Southern Wastelands. If one manged to actually get inside these buildings, they would find several strange materials of seemingly no value.

The Wild Geese are heavily armed and equipped. They usually have on camouflaged riot armor and modified carbines. The carbine mods are unusual and its unclear where the designs originated. There is no doubt that the modifications are effective though. Usually these units are seen in small coordinated groups. Equipping troops is expensive and it just isn't feasible for The Wild Geese to field a large army.

As stated before, you can make friends or enemies with this faction. Sometimes, if you go to one of there outposts and make it inside, they might offer you a small job. What that job might entail, no one really knows until they take it. However, it's much easier to make enemies with this faction then to be friends. It is also rumored that they collect dossiers on certain people, in order to black-mail them to doing there deeds.