The south is home to handfuls of large tribal bands, and countless other small ones, many of which form the backbone of the so called ‘un-civilized’ wasteland populous. Roving tribes have been wandering the area since the nuclear war, trying to eek out a living in the shadow of the old world, and for many years, they did this mainly independently. Eventually, of course, many of these tribes began to take notice of their neighbors, and many traded their meager supplies for mutual benefit, of course, a good number went to war with each other as well, sending out war bands to capture, drive out, and otherwise do battle with rival clans and tribes. Of course, as more and more time passed, many of the more docile and friendly of the tribes banded together and worked various agreements within their works.

Through these agreements the “Organized Tribes of the New South” was born. Originally nothing more then a few nearby tribes convening to discuss minor land and religious issues, the organization quickly began adding more and more tribes to its banner. The organized tribes, in reality, are less organized then one might assume, and most matters are settled with occasional rendezvous of all associated chieftains. Although they mainly remain friendly with each other as a whole, it would be foolhardy to assume all of the tribes are peaceful with each other, and many different small groups of tribes and the like are at a battle for more power and control from within the Organized Tribes, and occasionally because of different religious or cultural conflicts.

Although rarely violent on a tribe-to-tribe basis, it is not altogether uncommon to still see different tribes battling, even if they both claim the banner of their parent group. Most tribes are expected to send a few of their warrior elite to help scout and aide with larger matters, but other then that any ‘military’ they may have is composed of individuals rather then working units. Although not altogether unified, it isn’t hard to pick an affiliated group out from a non-affiliated one. Not seeking to expand or even function much like a single unit, the main basis of the organization is to provide solid trading partners and a unified front for the tribal cause.