Brave, skilled and tireless riders of the wide plains. They are famous for their courage, speed and dedication to their work. They are more than postmen, they are fearless deliverers, taking mail, packages and even people to their intended destinations. This could be miles or even states away but the Express always comes through.

Express riders are usually found rolling with life's punches and are famously adaptive to situations, taking in information of the fly and coming up with a plan to solve the problem. They are known to face death several times daily and surviving your first delivery is seen as the hardest test a rider will take under the Express namesake.

Express riders can be of any age and of either gender. They are nearly always fit or small in frame but tough as nails. They are often with their horse, mutated or otherwise, and form a close bond with the animal, keeping it well-cared for, sometimes better than the rider themselves. The horses used are big, strong animals capable of riding for days and nights without rest sometimes. Riders often seem to have slept badly or not at all and traveling for a day on sometimes as little as two hours of rest is a required and learned skill of theirs.

Weapon wise, Express riders are given only a company issued revolver, usually a post-war affair, cobbled together as best as possible by the local gunsmith under commission. The revolvers usually look different from one another, customized to each rider and they only way to know it's an Express revolver is a small emblem emblazoned on the gun's handle. Riders are free to bring along other, non-company issued firearms if they can afford it and those who can always bring along rifles, never shotguns. Laser weaponry is sometimes used and the Express has nothing against them, but it all depends on the taste of the rider.

Riders are usually well tanned, wrapped up against the sun in the company issued riding jacket, made of thin, very breathable leather. Most wear sunglasses and a facial covering or hat for shade. Their clothing is usually made for rough travel or light armour, with little concern going to storage space. The little equipment they do carry is stored in saddle bags on the horse.

The Express operates primarily in Texas though their riders go anywhere. They are launched from Express stations were orders are given to riders and the riders are free to sleep, eat or stable their horse for a night's rest. Express stations can be found in many cities throughout Texas and the riders, if you're looking, can be found there most of the time.