((Because we all know I'm going to end up making another character))

Character Name: Sebastian Wright


Character Race: Human

Approx. age: 26.

Character Personality: - Sebastain is a hustler. He won't steal your wallet or con you; but he works HARD at what he does. He has definite drive and determination. He also has an almost optimistic view on life, surprisingly.

- Suffers from IED; prone to random periods of intense rage. Sebastain can tell when an IED attack is about to come as he will feel his chest start to tighten and his heartrate will increase suddenly. He'll typically excuse himself before a rageout. Doesn't really understand it aside from the fact that something is wrong with him.

- Character Appearance: -Somewhat flabby muscles due to continued Buffout use. Has "beefy" chest and arms.

- Dirty blonde hair, similar to the "Waster" style in Fallout. Has rough facial hair, long and scraggly beard. It's just follows his jawline, Sebastian shaves everywhere else.

- Baggy eyes, indicating many sleepless nights. An almost constantly furrowed eyebrow, like he is thinking about something deep and complex.

Starting equipment: - Belt-fed Sieg: A modified [url=]Sieg automatic rifle[/url], instead of taking the conventional box magazine it now takes a belt-fed system. Unfortunately it is an older weapon, covered in rust and filled with sand. It seems to jam after only a few short bursts.

- Street Sign hatchet (Hatchet): Nothing more than a plank of wood with an old sharpened street sign, reading "Frost Ave" in faded white letters on a green background, attached to it.

- Desert clothing

Character story: At least four paragraphs telling your characters back story. (Ground rules. He or she was not a member of the Brotherhood, the enclave, or any other powerful group. Ever. He or she may have been part of some system of government or working for a particular group, but at the time s/he hits this forum, s/he is a wastelander)

Character strengths and weaknesses: Sebastain is skilled with working with electronics, lockpicking and explosives; having self taught himself through various books he read. He has had very little actual experience but he just needs some more real world experience.

Sebastain is hopelessly addicted to buffout. A relatively slender and average person, buffout has added mass and strength to him. However the moment he stops taking buffout he immediately will lose almost all of his strength and mass.

Up to three Traits:

- Fast Learner: Sebastian learns new concepts and ideas quickly. He self taught himself with his parents and has managed to effectively apply those concepts in real world situations.