Roy is a hulking giant of a man that serves as the Head of Security on the Bucket Town Council. In his prime he was a pit fighter back east. He made his living scrapping in the Louisiana Board of Education slave fights. Eventually he fought his way out of those fight rings and made his way west. In Texas he ran a small gang of raiders in the desert. His fortunes changed though when he decided to back a small gang of revolutionaries trying to overthrow the established government in Bucket Town. As a reward for the key role his raiders played in the struggle he was granted the title of Sheriff in the new government. Once thought to be little more than a simple oaf, he has shown himself to be much more, able to scheme and deal with the best of them. He wont shy away from dealing with issues directly, though rumor has it he has a secret squad of men to deal with things directly. He's the only council member that does not have an invested interest in the town. He dose not run any business venture, the only benefit he receives is a regular supply of buffout from Ali Bin Ali.