Father Edmond Gerade was a 62 year old Catholic preacher and the former leader of Bucket Town. His life started out troubled. He was a formerly violent man with a history involving some real rough criminals. Eventually though he found the light and was saved by the love of Christ. As we are all never too late or too far for redemption from the Lord, Gerade was redeemed and began a life of humble service in His name. He was elected as the first formal official of the small trading post Bucket Town, Gerade was known to be soft spoken and kind hearted, preaching compassion and tolerance to his congregation. This was a message that was especially well received among the ghoul population, who were never turned away from church services. Gerade had built up a small following in the town before the election, those devoted followers pushed him into the political ring. The key to his election victory was that he did not involve himself with the violence that led up to the voting. When the polls opened he was the last candidate standing, so to speak. Upon taking office his convictions lead  to banning if chems and prostitution in town. Along with outlawing those instruments of sin he waged a campaign against neighboring slavers so that no man would be forced into servitude.

The Bucket Town RevolutionEdit

Following the election Father Gerade's new legislation was not universally well received. There were those in the community that wished to profit from the peddling of flesh and human misery. Believing it was their right to engage in these sinful acts they took to the deserts like Cain to gather the tools they would need. In the wilderness those men found like minded gangs of raiders and a group of wannabe Brotherhood of Steel soldiers called Neo Patriots. These were the kind of men that took no qualms with selling drugs or prostrating poor women, suffering was simply a means to an end. The monetary temptations from the lucrative trades in sin were too much for these poor lost souls and they put a plan of action together. The small community of Bucket Town was invaded and overrun with scum and villainy. The righteous of the community were forced out into the desert with the deposed Father. With Gerade gone the town re-established itself as a corrupt den of sin and formed the government that exists today.

After the RevolutionEdit

Gerade's current location is unknown but he continues his ministries even after being exiled from the community. Without even a doctor, Bucket Town is in more need of spiritual healing than ever. To reach the righteous few still in the town Gerade broadcasts his sermons from an old radio station. If you have a radio you can pick up his sermons anywhere in the community.