Bucket Town
General Information
Location:Texas Wasteland
Population:Approx. 200
Notable Individuals:Roy
Ali Bin Ali
Factions:Bucket Town Council
The Salivators
Notable events:Bucket Town Revolution
Current status:Active

Bucket Town (alternatively: Copperton, formerly: Athens) is a medium-sized settlement that serves as the go-to trade hub of East Texas. It is currently ruled by the Bucket Town Council, a collection of like-minded business leaders who rose to power after a bloody Revolution. They stay out of the way for the most part, however, those who cross them always end up being run out of town, going missing, or found dangling at the end of a rope.

In town, one can find all the amenities a wasteland transient could desire: a trading post for getting rid all of one's shiny trinkets, a bar to cause trouble in, a brothel to take a load off in, and much more.

Mayors of Bucket Town Edit

Once the most powerful position in the settlement, the position of mayor is now little more than a ceremonial title with the advent of the Bucket Town Council, starting with Houston Miller.

  1. Father Gerade
  2. Houston Miller
  3. Isaac Pohan

The Boneyard Edit

The Boneyard is an autonomous community in the ruined outskirts of Bucket Town. Riddled with poverty and crime even by wasteland standards, the citizens here are never the less tight knit and are wary of strangers.