A vain arab man going by the name Ali Bin Ali is known to run the entire chem trade in and around Buckettown. With a few recipes for making close or perfect imitations to some chems, a few signature brews of his own, and a line of connections good enough to salvage a few others. He led a group of raiders during the violent overthrow of Father Gerard in the Bucket town revolution. The freedom to buy, sell and consume chems had been a major cause of the revolution and after the dust settled Ali set up shop and began to brew. He sells his creations out of the store Hooked.

His lab is underground in a sewer a half hour or so away from the town itself for protection. The sewer is surprisingly spacious though a bit easy to get turned around in. If you head down there without thinking to turn the lights on you way run face first into a feral ghoul wondering around the tunnels endlessly. The system is 'Labyrinth tech utility sewer system" design, which runs extensively underground and into the mines in a few places. For a small town its a particularly large and complex sewer and one of the biggest in the region. Ali is always looking for work as junkies and two bit raiders seem to keep killing his couriers.

Recently he added another chemist to his labs, Baily Buffout. She wound up on the wrong side of The Texas Rangers but no one asks too many questions in Bucket Town. Ali was simply glad to add her expertise to his own and expand his production to a few new recipes.